Marilyn Shuler Classroom

Marilyn Shuler, co-founder of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial and board member of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, was a longtime human rights leader and advocate in Idaho.

Her many accomplishments and service included a 20-year career as director of the Idaho Commission on Human Rights from 1978-1998.  In response to the Aryan Nations, a white supremacy group originally based in northern Idaho, the six-state Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment was created in 1987 with Marilyn as a founding member.  Its purpose was to end harassment and violence by stopping individual and organized bigotry.

Governor Cecil Andrus recognized Marilyn as Idaho’s “moral compass” and praised her as a “champion for human rights and basic decency.”

“We ask something of each visitor to the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial: to come, to learn, to read, and then to think about what you see.  It’s in that thinking about human rights that we will find the solutions and the courage we need to make Idaho a good place to live for every one of us.” Marilyn Shuler (1939-2017)

Below are a few of the video clips that can be watched within the Marilyn Shuler Classroom for Human Rights.

Latinos in Idaho

Confront the Injustice

Narrated by Leo Morales

Japanese in Idaho

Americans Under Guard

Narrated by Teresa Tamura

Bill Wassmuth

Saying Yes to Human Rights

Narrated by Dan Prinzing

Marilyn Shuler

Idaho’s Moral Compass

Narrated by Debbie Sager

Mormons in Idaho

Test of Faith

Narrated by Deb Bowden

LGTBQ in Idaho

Too Great for Hate

Narrated by John McCrostie