Spiral of Injustice

Etched into the stone of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is this, from April 11, 1944, when Anne Frank penned in her diary:

We teach to “never forget.”

Never forget that the Spiral of Injustice often begins with language — when words are used to demonize or marginalize others in the community.

Never forget that injustice devolves to avoidance when “the other” is excluded through conscious or unconscious treatment that denies participation.

Never forget that acts denying and disadvantaging “the other” based on class, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability or religious preference is discrimination.

Never forget that violence intimidates and elimination eradicates “the other” in our community through deliberate and/or systemic destruction of life and/or liberty.

The Spiral of Injustice is a model we created for discussing the Holocaust, the attack or harassment of an Idaho student when he or she is viewed as “the other,” or the marginalization of any group within the fabric of our community.

We teach to “never forget” so that we can commit to “never again.”

Most of my career I have been doing metal work.  I started when I was pretty young, working with my grandparents.  They were both artists … I always, all of my life, have known exactly what I wanted to do.” 

Sculptor Ken McCall has spent most of his career blending metal, art, and function to create permanent pieces from ideas and natural forms.  He credits much of his success to the support of family and the local arts community.  Based on his passion, dedication, talent and thoughtful reflection, McCall has built an expansive career – and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is honored to house his depiction of the Spiral of Injustice.

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