Virtual Memorial Tour

Anne Frank and downtown Boise, Idaho, may seem an unlikely pairing, but the legacy Anne left for human dignity strongly resonates in Idaho. Located in the heart of Boise’s cultural district at the intersection of the Boise Greenbelt and 8th Street, the Memorial is nestled behind the Boise Public Library.  Annually, thousands of school children and adults tour Memorial and participate in the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights’ programming.

Please take an opportunity to view the resources provided and get a feel for what the Memorial has to offer and  understand just how important it is to Boise and Idaho.

If you are interested in a tour with your group, please contact us here.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour created by Manuel Gomez
with funding from the Idaho Film Collection.

Audio Tour

1 - Background and Purpose of the Memorial
2 - The Holocaust and World War II
3 - The Annex and the Diary
4 - The Life and Work of Frank Church
5 - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
6 - The Quote Wall North
7 - The Quote Wall South
8 - Parting Thoughts
9 - The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights
10 - The Rose Beal Story
11 - Survivor Stories